Why Are My Brakes Locking Up?

Why Are My Brakes Locking Up? No one wants to see their brakes lock up on the streets of Danvers, Peabody, or North Andover. If this strange sensation has happened to you recently, you may be wondering: Why are my brakes locking up? At Ira Lexus of Danvers, we want to help you investigate.

There are several possible problems that can make your brake pedal lock on your car. Learn about some of them below and contact us to schedule service if needed!

Worn Brake Pads

Why Are My Brakes Locking Up? Worn-out brake pads are often the culprit behind brake trouble—and that includes your brakes locking up. If your pads are less than a quarter-inch thick, they should be replaced with a new set. You can see them through the spokes in your wheels. Have them inspected at least once a year to prevent this.

Blocked or Leaking Brake Lines

Your brake lines transfer brake fluid from the master cylinder to the calipers. When the path is blocked or the lines are leaking, it spells trouble for your brakes. They may lock up in situations such as this. You should have your brake lines examined and replaced by trained technicians, if needed.

Sticking Calipers

Another possible issue could be your calipers. If the calipers are sticking, the brakes might lock up. A trained technician can inspect your calipers and see if they’re the source of the problem.

Braking Too Hard

Why Are My Brakes Locking UpThe problem may be simpler than all this—you may just be braking too hard. Non-ABS (anti-lock brakes) will lock up when you apply hard, steady pressure. If you tend to slam on the brakes as you come to stop, this may be an issue. Ease into your stops to avoid the issue.

What to Do When Brakes Lock Up?

When your brakes lock up, your vehicle may veer sharply to the left or right. The back end could fishtail, causing you to lose control. If this happens as you drive, pump the brakes consistently until you come to a complete stop.

Driving with Anti-Lock Brakes

If your car uses anti-lock brakes, you’re in luck. They don’t lock up unless there’s a brake problem. (If this happens, your car may have an ABS dashboard warning light to alert you.) By definition, anti-lock brakes shouldn’t lock up during hard stops.

Instead, when you slam the brakes, you’ll feel a pulsating in the brake pedal. This is normal—the braking system is pumping the brakes for you. You don’t need to release them when this happens.

Schedule Brake Service near Danvers

When your brakes lock up, stay calm and bring your vehicle safely to a stop. If you suspect maintenance is needed, schedule service with our team at Ira Lexus of Danvers.

Our service center is equipped with cutting-edge tools and technology. We have a team of fully certified technicians on staff who can inspect every aspect of your braking system. You’ll be back on the roads of Peabody and North Andover before you know it!

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