The tires are some of the most important parts of the car, as they’re what touches the ground and keep you moving around North Andover, Peabody, and Danvers. Because of their significance, it’s important to make sure they last a long time.

One way to do this is to get a tire rotation, which can be completed at Ira Lexus of Danvers. We know how busy you get during the day, so we’ll tell you roughly how long it takes to rotate tires, along with the process behind it. Then, you can always contact us for this type of maintenance.


In general, a tire rotation takes about 15 minutes. However, if you’re adding other services to that, it could take about an hour.

For this service, the technician will switch up the tires based on your vehicle. For instance, if you have a front-wheel drive automobile, the tires will get rotated in a Forward Cross pattern. This is where the front wheels are moved to the back on the same side, while the back tires move to the front on the opposite sides.
If your car instead is in rear-wheel drive, 4-wheel drive, or all-wheel drive, the tires would get rotated in a Rearward Cross pattern. This is when the back tires are moved upfront on the same sides, while the front tires go to the back on opposite sides.


No matter what type of tire rotation your vehicle requires, it’s crucial to get the service completed.

That’s because tires tend to wear unevenly. More specifically, the front tires wear more on the outside edges, as the tire leans over whenever you turn a corner. If you leave the tires as is, then those front edges will quickly wear down, resulting in you needing to replace the tires sooner than normal.
By getting the tires rotated regularly, you can extend the life of your tires. Plus, you’ll have a smoother ride with a vehicle that handles nicely, which can help keep you safe on the road.


Typically, you should get your tires rotated every 5,000 to 7,500 miles, but you’ll want to refer to your owner’s manual for a specific interval. To make things easier on yourself, you can have this service completed every time you get an oil change.

It’s possible, though, that a tire rotation may be needed sooner rather than later. Here are some signs to look out for:
• Vibrations when driving: You may feel your car shaking as you drive at speeds of 45 MPH or higher. This could be from uneven wear or a tire imbalance. Either way, you’ll want to get the tires rotated as soon as you feel unusual vibrations.
• Loss of tire pressure: If one of your tires loses air faster than the others, it could be from too much pressure being put on it. Have a technician look at the tire, where they’ll determine if it needs to be rotated, repaired from a puncture, or something else.
• Noticeable wear: As we mentioned before, some tires wear faster than others, so they’ll need to be rotated as soon as possible. However, you may also notice an irregular pattern on one of the tires, where one side has less tread than the other. The tire will either be rotated or replaced, depending on how severe the tread loss is.


As you can see, regular tire rotations are vital for keeping you safe on the roads of North Andover, Peabody, and Danvers.

If your tires need to be rotated, then don’t wait. SCHEDULE SERVICE at Ira Lexus of Danvers today!