Have you been wanting to learn the fine art of makeup application? Are you interested in sculpting hair or helping people feel refreshed with facial treatments? Beauty school may be a great fit for you. Here are three of our favorite institutes in the Danvers area.


Face Forward, Inc. teaches aspiring makeup artists (MUA) and current pros in TV and Film the tricks of the trade so that they can grow their skills and enhance their careers. Their makeup training is helmed by Rhonda Cummings who has been educating in the Art of Makeup for over 35 years.

They offer classes like the Intro to Film & Theater workshop, where you’ll learn how to make a black eye, sideburns, or 5 o’clock shadow. You can also take the Camouflage Makeup workshop and learn throw to elevate your skills and hide discolorations, tattoos, and acne.
If interested, contact Rhonda to schedule a group or private session.


Flavia Leal moved to America from Rio de Janeiro more than 12 years ago with the dream of living a victorious life. With the Flavia Leal Beauty Institute, we can say those dreams have been very much accomplished. They’ve trained more than a thousand professionals in beauty and aesthetics since first opening their doors nearly a decade ago.

The school works hard to prepare students for the State Board Examination and licensing in Cosmetology, Aesthetics, and Nail Technology. They have day, evening, and Saturday classes available so that you can fit your education into your busy schedule, plus they provide job placement services.
Head to their website to learn how to enroll or check out their upcoming workshops.


Mansfield Beauty Schools has been educating since 1909 when founder Dr. Katherine Mansfield fell in love with hairdressing during a trip to Paris. They offer programs for aspiring cosmetologists and manicurists.

With their extensive cosmetology program that follows the mandates of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, students are able to receive their mandatory 1,000 hours of training and can continue to complete their 2,500 hours through the cosmetology apprenticeship program. They also have salons in Quincy and Boston/South Shore where graduates can apply for employment at the program’s completion.
If you’re at least 16 years of age, you can contact them for an admissions application.